February 14, 2007

Cannot Resist......Your Charms......Arg!

The always romantic Rob Wolke of the Washington Post debunks aphrodisiacs claiming that they simply do not work. Alcohol and marijuana simply lower inhibitions, but the desire must be there already. Viagra simply makes the body work and pheromones appeal to receptors that have been rendered useless by evolution. Fortunately for the young perverts of the group, there is a chemical called bremelanotide which appears to work in clinical trials; it is years away however.

Wolke did not do his research thoroughly though, as he missed the most powerful aphrodisiac known to mankind. Listen, its not my fault I was born with this curse of beauty, charm and wit.

Thanks to The Food Section for teaching me how to feel again.

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Stephanie said...

> "Fortunately for the young perverts of the group, there is a chemical called bremelanotide "


Actually, the young'ens don't need Bremelanotide as much as the oldies do! LOL

Raging hormones are more than sufficient to cause a teen get aroused at the drop of a dime... and directly proportional to whoever they see bend over to pick it up too! ;)

But, as you say, Bremelanotide is a couple years away yet. However based on what I've read in the press, seen on TV, read in the "Bremelanotide Bulletin" newsletter and other various websites, it DOES appear to genuinely work - and I'm just starting my own blog to update some people whenever there's new news about it as well.

Hopefully it won't require a prescription when Brem is available - but if required, that's still fine with me since lots of men and women having sexual arousal problems will finally get some relief (in both senses of the word). :)

Good post!

~ Steph ~