February 13, 2007

I like Opinions

Snack has an article about the ability to “stealth open” a restaurant in NYC (meaning no press, hype etc.). Part of a 3 part series, part one talks with chefs and restaurateurs (tomorrow publicists, Thursday media)

All seem to agree that it’s impossible to do a stealth opening in Manhattan, though other borough’s can be stealth, but it is just something that has to be dealt with. With the food world the way it is (foodies look at food like porn now) it seems overwhelming (and inane) publicity is something that has to just be tolerated as part of the business.

Did anyone else notice that Danny Meyer took his happy pills in his response? “You're seen! You're noticed! It matters!” I guess when you are in charge of an unstoppable force, its tough not to be. As a blogger, his views on foodies are way off though; we’re a flock of lemmings looking for the next cliff to jump off.

New restaurant? Hot opening? Give me a tiny plateful of the same crap that can be seen elsewhere and make me mortgage my house if I want dessert!! I’m so happy!


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