February 8, 2007

Trying to Class you up.

The Chicago Triune has a few thoughts on modern dining:

Restaurants are now sending diner home with a little something for their dining troubles. One sixtyblue gives madeleines in a little cellophane bag (something Per Se does as well, Keller you mad mad genius you! Marry me?) while Charlie Trotter's gives a pastry. The generous Trotters also has been known to allow diners to help themselves to “a piece of fruit from the display in the restaurant's foyer.” Wow, thanks Charlie! That 50 cent apple from the front really makes mortgaging my house for the “Slow Poached Japanese Hamachi with Red Curry” seem just about even! With the housing market the way its been lately, I’ll have to skip the appetizer next time….ZING!

Diners still working on their meals are ready to rebel at the oft uttered, “Are you still working on that.” Servers should anticipate patrons needs better and ask in a much more pleasing manner, if asked at all, such as, “may I clear your course?” I like that there are attempts to class up the process of taking my food away. Now if they could just make getting kicked out of restaurants a more pleasant process, I’d be all set. Perhaps a mat on the front stoop for those hard landings or a clearly labeled sign that says pants are required for service. They only talk about shirts and shoes; its not my fault they’re ambiguous.

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