February 9, 2007

Perhaps We Need a Match.com for Foodies

Slashfood asks, “Have you or can you date someone with a restrictive diet?” (i.e. vegan, macrobiotic, etc). This is a question I’ve asked myself recently, as to whether I could date someone who was on such a restrictive diet. I pride myself on being willing to eat anything (even the unreasonable, such as raw chicken sushi), and limiting my dieting plans on a daily basis to something wacky may not work. I’d be willing to give it a try (so line up ladies and no fighting, there’s enough barbarian for everyone), but variety is the spice of life and beef, glorious beef, makes life worth living.

I need more than greens in my diet, I need reds and white and the entire rainbow. You know when put that way, special diets seem a bit racist. I believe I’ve just discovered the argument for why I should never go on a diet, and why you are a bad person for doing so. You bigot.

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